I'm a prophet, (?) you is promise
Might need another wallet cuz money keep on ballin'
Steady watchin' till that body end up spotless
(?) talkin
She keep on talkin', might need to pull a socket
My heart is like a (?)
(?) Song 2: RED!
I think she's crazy she love me and tells me she hates me
(?) and it sounds so amazing
(?)Song 3: valence (intro)
Rip it up as I feel it up
My name must be heard the way you fuckers love to bring it up
Bitches (?) talkin, big walkin, pill poppin'
You're pissing me off so I might have to head to my bayAnd (?) be trust
Whatever happened to that shit because I'm god damn busted
Runnin' up on all of thеm ones been loved, keepin' it tough
You bitches bеtter keep it upYou learn the damn system when you bring the ammuniton
Yet the guilty and suspicious always seem to be forgiven
Yeah bitches always (?)

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