All Gas No Brakes (Interlude)



It’s that igobyneq shit
All gas no brakes Pull up lane switching
Bitch I’m different who you kidding
My whole gang get it
Chasing money fuck your feelings
Bitch I’m so expensive
Watch how they flock to me
I got all the bad bitches all the money and the power
I’m loose cannon
Don’t save these hoes like David banner
I don’t understand it
If it ain’t money it don’t matter
I been steady planning
Just tryna come up out this bitch
It ain’t no fuck up out this bitch
Unless your dough up out this bitch
I’m tryna really get it
But they don’t wanna see me wit it
Thought some cats was down for me
But the switched up on me quickly
I was god sent
But they don’t seem to be convinced
I was headed to the top
I gotta do that shit again
Gotta grind until I win
This is only the beginning
Rolling smoking back to back for all the problems I can’t fix
All the bitches that I miss
It’s to late to make amends
But I’m wishing you the best
Let’s have a toast to my success
All gas no brake

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