IDK Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #115




Look at my past and look at all of the people that I passed
Reminiscing 'bout days that used to laugh
These days I hit 105 and do the dash
On accident, didn't know this car went that fast
My biggest fear is reaching my limit to go and crash
That's figuratively
Who's the best new rapper, I figured it's me
Think about it, most of these niggas focused on writtens and beats, that's cute
I do the same shit by running the street, running my label, running my staff, and still can't compete
Y'all boys oughta be ashamed
If you mention my name next to who's in your lane
I'm a martian like Wayne
Nigga, we are not the same
Doing business and art, like I got two brains
Staying true to myself, like I've got 2 chains
Wanna spar, keep the box and brief like Hanes
By the way
I got my own boxing gym
And I'm working on a water company to put in
And when I'm done, I'mma send a couple gallons to Flint
That's a artist, business owner and philanthropist
Whose mans is this?
Whose hand is this?
I'mma force that shit
I'm an antagonist
You think I'm makin 'em mad All my peers got co-signs and bad deals
One false move would put your ass in the standstill
Depending on the Internet that's how they fans build
So one bad bugger turn your shit to an anthill
And that's me
I know 90% of your niggas behind the scenes
Why you out mingling?
I'm out to have a [?], with your label head, sipping Yamazaki
While y'all sipping Jameson wait to take it in
Drop AIDS, prime steak again
With the bone in just to give it better flavoring
Just to get a better flavor and
And I'm acting cheesy and 'em
Nigga sipping Bell over there?
All my beef medium, cause niggas never well prepared
Keep it spicy like I'm well prepared
Feel like Elvis here
Slick little black motherfucker
Amex like the braids
Flat plat, motherfucker
To these niggas lower case
Cap, cap, motherfucker
That's that, motherfucker
And I'm that, motherfucker
All you niggas just some bitches
I'm rapping off the top, cause you know a nigga vicious
You know that I'm coming, coming straight wit' it
These niggas think that I be kidding, but I'm not
Fuck it, I'mma just hit 'em with the Glock

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