[Produced by DARKO 666, AC!D Rain] [Verse 1]
I ain’t hungry for this shit, emaciated
Expatriated, I need it plated, and stack the payment
Emasculated on your flow soon as you pass the pavement
These racks are saved and, your ass is caved in
'Cause homies don’t know just how to pass the change when
Grass and havens
I passed the game to the masters, make it
That’s step one, I ain’t got no time to waste and
Copy pastin’, that’s what all the fake are makin’
Tryna see the light of day like it was for the weight of savin’
The planet Earth and to my hearth I presеnt these brash engravings
Somеthing realer than all this ass I’m craving’
All the traps I’ve tasted
When you survive for this long you seem to tap the cadence
And slap the basses, and map the faces
Of all those yappin' phases
The matter places into toxic wastes and
Bottom bait, infatuated with honest robbers' mounted cases
In which lies the key to all men, they’ll see the task evade us
Frackin’ gave us more misfortune than a quarter blast of heinous
Dirty bombs and surely moms will be back when our master saves us[Break]
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
None of these situations fixed resolutely
I don’t need the money or the fame, I need the music
If you got a brain, then little bitch you better use it[Verse 2]
Encapsulated in the grasp of maidens
I grasp the shade into mass of blades and
Stab it at motherfuckers whose tasks deranged and
Packs arranged, we sit in a circle and smoke 'em after change
Doesn't happen much, I'm addicted, I smoke a pack a day
Shittin’ on the competition, thought that shit was dysentery
I'll be there to spread the slander, readin' your obituary, huh[Outro]
Bs-abs-power, power-s-absolutely
Bs-abs-power, power-s-absolutely

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