[Verse 1]
There’s a hole where the surface should be
And the air’s reading oxygen-free
We’re in apogee. The planet’s in sight
I can tell now that something’s not right… [Chorus 1]
On Lingo-Three… on Lingo-Three…
On Lingo-Three… on Lingo-Three…[Verse 2]
Lingo-Three has been under duress
I can see now why they’re in distress
When the visual contact reveals
That the natives are running on wheels...
[Chorus 2]
On Lingo-Three… on Lingo-Three…
Oh, Lingo-Three! Oh, Lingo-Three!
Oh, Lingo-Three! Oh, Lingo-Three!
Oh, Lingo-Three! Oh, Lingo-Three![Verse 3]
Computer, front portal release
Don’t run! We have come here in peace
But internal combustion reliеs
On a fuel source decrеasing in size[Bridge]
Because they’re dying of lack of fuel
And they’re choking on CO2
They sent us a signal, and when we landed
They told us to take them to another planet

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