Roll tha dice
Every jeweler owe me ice
Tell me do you like you're life
Took you're chains don't you give tha wrongs advice
Please be nice
Ain't no Regular nigga
Federal nigga
These folks went from section 8 tha 8 sections nigga
Ain't no extras nigga
Ain't no way around me
How you goin go playin sneak we on yo head like
Then we hop on niggas
They sure do fit they county
I been mobbin wit them woes man look how they surround me
I adapted to them trenches
We came up on specials
We been chasing all these riches They don't like that it'll change me
Livin in tha daily
Watch out fo tha fedalraties i might have to hurt somebody
Brr brr
Oh whoa whoa
Ain't no schedule nigga
It's all conceptual nigga
No? it's all sexual wit her
Blacked out on TV screen look at me
Momma said son run from it if it's freeRoll tha dice
Every jeweler owe me ice
Tell me do you like your life
Took your chain don't you give tha wrong advice
Please be nice
They don't like tha way it change me
Livin in tha daily
Watch out for them federalies imma have to hurt somebody(dopeboyra)
Dopeboyim in beast mode
Sippin migos or free throw
Fuck nigga tried tha rob me
Had tha shoot ah nigga peephole
Play wit me on a goodnight
Make you run tha Jews like killer mike
Got tha white boy no?
Fuck a nigga gon tell me
Bond 9 when you smell me
Fish tail take out tha club parking lot
Bad bitches gon trail me
Fish scale want fail me
Big player can't play on me
Trap house shootin cee lo
Nigga crap out turn deebo

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