Don't push me 'cause I'm
Close to the edge
I'm tryin' not to
Lose my head, a-ha-ha-ha-ha
[Verse 1]
Nothin' in my pockets but an empty wallet and some house keys
And a fuck you for anyone who doubts me
As I walk the streets armed with the faith
That these boots will be enough to get me home in one piece
I exhale, breathe the air
Smoke trail got me thinkin' 'bout the reason I'm here
'Cause I'm only 19 but my mind is old
Sydneysider heatwave to Minnesota cold
Cold like the streets of the Cross where underages
Litter the pavement
, this ain't "Paradise", it's "Innocence Lost"
Cold like the veins of the junkies
Cold like the hearts of those who take their money

I swear to God somebody died on my block the other night
A life lost to a domestic fight, and that shit ain't right

Now my picket fence don't look so white
I wonder what possesses a man to kill his wife?
And as if that wasn't enough, we got these fuckin'
Poker machines sucking the souls of our single mums
See, I'm like Tim Freedman, I wish I could blow 'em up

For all the futures that they ruined and the homes they've broken up
Now that's proof of a cold world, they package an addiction
And they sell it as a game, but anyway
Times are exponential, two-party preferential
And though it's incremental, day-to-day we makin' change

So here I am still tryna make this stone bleed
In the city of late trains and broken dreams
Where you rap with your talk, or you graff on the wall
You gotta make something outta nothin' at all

And yes, I built this house, I made it wrong
I watched it crumble, now I'm moving on
Now shit is rotten to the core, what a pity
We don't wanna be forgotten, it's why we write our stories on the walls of our cities
I'd write 'em all for you if I had the time
In 40-foot high letters 'cause they're important

It's enough of a challenge handlin' mine, take it one day at a time
Treadin' water and crossin' borders
Next to me a baby's cryin' for his mum as the ground's leavin'
Economy class with chaos all around me
But I don't even care, I'm not even there
Frozen in a blank stare with my headphones blaring like:
Don't push me 'cause I'm
Close to the edge
I'm tryin' not to
Lose my head, a-ha-ha-ha-ha
[Verse 2]
Nothin' in my pockets but a boarding pass and a passport
Plus an "I love you" for the friends I never asked for

It keeps me safe, guards me from the sickness
Like a pocketful of posie
as I walk with the wicked
Talk with a quickness, never let 'em catch up
They wouldn't play with you if they could see the odds was stacked up
So you pack it up, move it town to town
Gotta study how the local village people get down
Ridin' through the night on a tube train
Having revelations 'bout my place in the food chain
Lookin' out the window at the world whizzin' by
I'm determined to do something with my given time
And to begin with I'ma fit it in a rhyme
Watch us plant this forest one seed at a time

So shit, I spend my days hopin' but by the same token
We here to get our chains broken and our names spoken[Chorus]
So this is my dot on the map, my drop in the ocean
My patch of dirt, and I'ma make somethin'

Make somethin' work, make somethin' feel
Make somethin' hurt to make somethin' real
Make somethin' out of me, make a friend out of you
Then again, make an enemy if need be
So just let me be, let me rest
Let me sleep, let me wake
Let me eat, let me grow
Be at peace, let your guard down
Let me close, I'll let you see
Let you know, let you near
Draw you in, let you hear
Show you things, I'ma let you in[Post-Chorus]
Said I'ma let you in
Said I'ma let you in
Horrorshow, 2009
One time for your mind, said I'ma let you in
'Bout to take you inside[Outro]
"So here is us, on the raggedy edge. Don’t push me, and I won’t push you."

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