One for the money ("one, one, one one")
Two for the show ("two, two, two two ")
Three to get the honeys ("three, three, three three")
Here we go ("hit, hit, hit me") [Verse 1]
M-O-N-E-Y, it's all good with me
Cause finally I can afford the life of luxury
And I remember in the day mamma had to work so hard
Just to pay the rent, all the money spent, had to get another job
And now we're living in an eight room mansion on the hill
And we sipping on, sipping on champagne when we chill
And we riding the Lex, Coupe, Beamers and the Benz
All over the world from the East to the West coast making ends
See, we do it[Chorus][Verse 2]
The show is what we live for cause we love to sing
We gonna freak you up and down, it's how we do our thing
And to the ladies in the house tonight
Looking fly, you got it right
It's gonna be an afterparty
And I've got to have somebody
And take 'em to my eight room mansion on the hill
We'll be sipping on Champagne when we chill
And we're riding in the Lex, Coupe, Beamer and the Benz
All the players from the East to the West Coast, we're making ends
This is why we do it[Chorus][Bridge]
Why we sing? Why we sing?
It's the joy it brings, joy it brings
You know that you like our style, the reason why, yeah
The reason why we do what we do
See we got a love for the music
Simple as one two, three, sing it[Chorus]

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