Oh fuck
You're not supposed to fall down
That's not what we programmed you to do asshole
Get up, get up! [Verse 1]
Ruthless programmed me to go destroy
Weak bullshit ass niggas like Soulja boy

So don't avoid me cause ima swipe that mic
"Hey that's not funny, I like that guy!"
Listen bitch, rappers these days are often weak
And they stunt on me, flossin' cheese
I got a boss Mc, I got a natural raw fazique
I'll leave a rapper floating down Dawson's Creek
I been hotta, You been nada
Thats why I always make your chick holla
She called me big papa and she let everybody hit it like a pinata
And when I'm done I give her ten dollars
Call me the ill rap negro
Carry the venom like a black widows
But kicking them crack widows
Ladies in the club make that ass jiggle
Class clowns make the class giggle
Come on, Come one
Whats my name? H-O-P
Whats my name? H-O-P
Just in case you never know, now you know

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