Hello my beautiful world
Hello my beautiful world Hello land, hello sea
Hello mountain clothed in trees
Hello desert, hello cave
Hello valleys, hello waves
Hello moon that pulls the tide
Late stars shine and pass through time
Tugging wind and powder snow
Hello eagle, hello crow
Field of grazing kangaroo
Watched from above by cockatoo
Hello saltbush, island, reef
Hello love and hello grief
Epic distance, comic time
Hello moss and heath and vine
Hello colour, hello light
Hello sound and heat and sightHello blossom, hello flame
Hello blood and lung and vein
Hello dust and clay and coal
Aged tortoise, tender foalHissing forest, pulsing plain
Frosted highlands, rocky bays
Gleaming school of silver fish
Move of one mind on bone ribbed finsHello spider, hello lion
A beating heart, a compound eye
Hello palms and gum and birch
Endless death and endless birthHello wolf and bear and boar
Hello mortal, man of war
High kelp forests, sway and sing
Golden sap and silver steamRising flood and rolling storm
Lighting sets the hills to burn
Hello aching blue whale song
White harp seals and large black swansHello prairie, hello pine
Hello quartz and dolomite
Blushing toadstool after rain
Buffalo and standing grainA glacier
A hot pink night
A rainbow bent across the sky
Hello granite, hello sand
Ancient fig and birth slick lambHello shoal and stand and herd
Owl wings beat but go unheard
Lifetimes stacked, up end to end
Pulling back where it beganBreathe until your dying breath
Hello life and hello deathHello my beautiful world
Hello my beautiful world

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