Caught a cold around my back black pocket
[?] he ain’t never wrong
And though I didn’t see the wrench and socket
I ain’t scared the light went out Little lift around your big blue basket
Nobody was counting on you
Nobody was counting on you
‘side my teeth I make a prayer and I ask it
Gracelessly to shine on youAnd it’s better this way
It’s better this way
Keeping quiet like the weed who called you outOn a phone on tender ground, one darling
Tells you what the giver sees
He’s a map unto himself, one hard thing
Lying ‘bout what he receivesNobody knows it’s the еasiest way
Playing possum ‘til the elеphant comes outBlow it down
Blow it down
Blow it down
You can always talk to Jesus when it doubtBe a never ending whisper, come and
Show me where your skills are dry
Spin a safe thing ‘round my eaves, and tell me
How you got unsanctifiedOh
Leave a note like you’re a fire bred [?]
Sneaking silver out the well
Tell me not to be a carbon, date me
Back to when the skin was shapedCaught a cold around my back black pocket
Quiet like the weed who called you out

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