[Verse: 3LSE]
Ever since you left me I've been hoping for more
Hoping for your
Input on how to open that door
Again, I'm hoping that you'd talk to me again
Sitting, sipping on the beat staring at the sun again
I swear to God that you would never leave me
I swear to God that you would never see me
And the vicious cycle begins
The thoughts of you begin
And I'm just sat wondering if we could ever be friends
You promised more, you promised less, you promised
If I were to see you, a change would occur
Where is that now?
Where is that, how?
Man, I wanna break the silence
I wanted to know you, now I wanna forget you
How does that work?
'Cause I just wanna see you
Happy once more
Grasping once more
At the memories forgotten
Now all they do, rotting
I must have been caught in
This endless life of thought, in
Life of no happiness and I don't know when
It's right for me to say my "sorry"'s
'Cause I just wanna say I'm sorry
I wanna say that I never knew my boundaries
I wanted to say that I just loved you
I don't know why, I don't know when, I don't know how
But you're all it means for me to live
But maybe it's better that we gone
That you left
That I hurt
That I'm human
'Cause damn, 'cause fuck, that's just who we are
'Cause I never want to leave you, I never want to see you
I never want me to leave you, but too late for apologies
I'm moving forward
Moving far away from here
Ta-da, hola, see you on the other side
I'm moving my feet, swinging my head
Telling myself, listen to the swans
Listen to that free air, fresh air, new air
We free
Now all I got left is my flow
Is my brains
Back to the drawing board
Middle finger to you
Now get the fuck off my train
Woo! [Sample: Les McCann]
Go on and cry
You're better off without him
Go on and cry
Be glad that you are free
Go on and cry
It really doesn't matter
Remember how I cried
When you left meWhen you told me you are leaving me
I almost went out of my head
There's a part of me, a part of me that's gone now
And I remember every word you saidGo on and

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