[Verse 1]
Fuck Wal-Mart this shit for Target
Red-dots around me, the top market
Might swing by grab a brand new carpet
Their reign is insane trust me they ain’t start yet
And I switch it up though
Hate that these girls can’t relate to my soul
Hate that these people can’t see the end goal
That a young kid just gotta take it slow
My ass is red from spankings I got
From acting out yeah it happened a lot
Does anyone know of where I can buy pot
Or maybe some meth doesn’t matter at all [Verse 2]
Shoulda known it ain’t true
You know this muhfucka ain’t through
You know I got some shit to do
You know I got something to prove
I’m a little too extraverted-
Hear other kids spit man that’s extra virgin
Slick in here brought her wetter version
Out of the shadows hear heart burnin'
And I ain’t learnin
Made mistakes in the past
Tired of fearin' pancakes in the grass
Tired of waitin' to end up in last
Tired of waitin' to finish math class
But I won’t be waitin' to expose the truth to you
No time to waste gotta do what I gotta do
Taking these kids from their homes like a popsicle
Sticking in them all in a war without hospitals[Verse 3]
Better run when you hear me comin'
Better go ahead screech when the jets hummin'
Don’t get stuck on the beach cause that’s death drummin'
You can bet when you see me I’ll be big gunnin'
You’ll be big bummin'
Like a black boy all alone
In the street with a phone
Tryna make his way home
In a week he’ll be gone
Off to college, big throne
But for now he just roam
Prayin for a loan
But he freak when the cop comin'
Hoping streets and the night enough to block some’em
Fearin death cause he know that he want em
Fear death cause he know he don’t want it
Kony you killing me
Way you been killing dreams
Gotta be kidding me
Stop all this shit and please
Listen to people
Don’t follow no actions
Just stop and retract all that shit you about, yeah

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