Dead Man lyrics

[Verse 1: Hailen]
Now you will see I’m a dead man ‘cause nothing is done and said, man!
And all of this shit’s in my head, man, and my face is becoming so red, man!
Everyone’s going so deaf, man, I’ma make it louder instead, man!
Well gimme that wine and bread, man, I’ma die alone in my bed, man!
Because I been living a short life, and I’m bored, right? I’m on your side
I wish I been living that New York life, like 6ix9ine in his court life
(Wait, what the fuck? It’s your life! You don’t need that snitch in your life!)
Well, maybe I do to restore life from the dead right there, and it’s morе life
For the peoplе I care about most, but you would take it I came from the outpost
I was never there when I found most of the people were saying I’m out, hoe!
Well, I’m sorry to say I’m about close to be going away to the south coast
And I’m pissed off, and I’m distraught, but I’m this lost on the south road
‘Cause I’m trying to make it to South Park, but I’m getting so lost on how far
That I’m going right there where the mouths are, but all that I’m hearing are loud barks
From the dumb ass dog that followed me, everything that I see are hollow trees
That would chew me up and just swallow me, well now that I’m dead, don’t follow me! [Verse 2: Jabez Z]
I’m a dead man, call me Jabez Z
‘Cause the pain my name brings it makes me angry
I’m a dead man, I see my chest as it breathes
Rising up and lowering my standards as I scream
I rap about my dreams as they become nightmares
Terrible terrors rip and tear like tight errors
I might just lie there, and take the beating the demons offer to bypass what time shares
I might be scared
Why do I got to fight when it’s dark, and I need light?
Why do I got to get up and create this rhyme?
Why do I have to live in this time
When the world falls apart with the pieces scattered through steep climbs?
My deep mind is a deep mine
Ready to release the pressure and explode, there goes the street sign
If I say “rest in peace” to Jabez Z, what would y’all think about me?
Will you weep, or will you all laugh as I am laying six feet deep? (I’m always strong)

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