Ok red light
Pull up to a nigga green light
He like, she like
Fucking fist fight
I might, too high, fucking sky high
Wrist heavy, diamonds like, shine bright
Ok, imma get on top yo bitch
She gunna take it and won't snitch
Cause yous a little bitch
And her ass is like, yuh
And its like fatfatfatfatfatfatfatfat
She on my laplaplaplaplaplaplaplap [XXXTENTACION]
Okay like jet, uh, private jet
I'm gettin' neck, I'm gettin' checks
And she throw that ass right back 'cause I'm a vet
Okay, my neck, bling!
Chandelier, ayy, bitch, look right here
Okay, my diamonds sing, crystal clear
Okay like, that bitch need denim
No Master Splinter, I hit that bitch with the wood, ayy
No, I'm not Courage, but I got some courage
I'll pull up and make that bitch twerk, ayy!

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