Next Up lyrics

[Verse 1] It was us that stepped out bait
Covered up to my eyes we lurk round Fields
Heard they got live cameras on Cowley Estate
Nothing less than a 15 inch on my waist
Heard they got ZK's but they're leaving their mates
Internet typers we're not on socials out in the field they're Yohan Blake
Paigons ran when I didn't have nothing I bet they'll freeze when I back this blade
Don't think you can you can cut tru the ends if you don't get caught round Kennington Park then you might get grabbed on Kennington Lane
SW9 tryna make it rain
I ain't talking about range I can talk about spilling man's juice on the pave
How many times did we cross that border we done it at night and we done it broad day
Back your shank I'll back my shank my money's on you that you're gonna get shaved
Drills get done in any location approach with caution I got it on me so you better not make no silly mistake
It stays unclipped I don't clip my case
They try ride out on a pushbike they left on foot when they bucked my mates
Only God knows what the neighbours witnessed 6 black yutes running round estates with blades in our hands tryna leave that taped
Have you ever done a drill when the sun's out tape that scene no it's looking all bait
Civilians preeing like is he okay?
He dashed, tripped, screamed got bored up and left by his mates
They back out phones we back our blades
Gotta 5 times 3 just chilling on my waist
In Elephant & Castle take that left don't take that right on Kennington Lane
If you do get ran off the ends go ask them yutes they remember that day[Verse 2]
They ask me how I got like this what do you expect when I'm surrounded by drillers and trappers
None of my guys are like the other side how? Cah we all got blood on our splashers
On Snapchat where they act for the views but it's live in the field where we get shit cracking
Step to splash I don't know about scratching back my rambo tryna cause some damage
SW9 tryna tape that strip they know what I do when I step into Lambeth
That's holes in and out mans jacket then cut from the scene Houdini vanish
From young been trapping in bandos, dice that pack, reload and slang it
Lycamobile that sim was tampered
The way these rocks disappear when the phone line rings woulda thought it was magic
Swing your shank don't leave that blood
You better go home and Cilit Bang it
What happened that day was tragic
You got chinged and left in a madness
I don't know about jerking jackets
Build that phone til the Nokia's banging
This brown skin finds me attractive
She thinks I'm a full time rapper she don't even know I'm on the back road slanging
I don't know about 9 to 5 I'm on til late full time I'm trapping
I got TT light in the bando, bisheads catting, elbow scratching
I'm a healthy trapper, I guess you can say I'm trapfit

H1 – Next Up

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