Upper Echelon lyrics

All you heard was the shot
All you saw was the drop
Was it him?
Or not?
All you heard was the shot
All you saw was the drop
Was it him?
Or not?

I'm out here in the wind
Black on black, 5-50 Benz
Fuck you and yo sissy friends
Loaded sig in my Sedans
MMG it’s us again
BBG, we bustin bands
Band camp off in my pants
Pussy pay me by the glance
I get the fee
What you mean no label?
No mainstream machine
I've been sparing all these rappers cuz my CEO said please
All the hoes wanna hang off my dick and my dungarees
Cuz my paint the color honey
Her booty big bumblebee
I rep Animal Shelter
100 Hannibal Lecters
That wear cammo to breakfast
And shoot at 5-O for practice
I took the oath of vengeance
Murder with no repentance
No prayer won't prevent this
?, I hope it's senseless
Cut throat for gold robes and Benzes
I smoke the most expensive
Put you in that Unit
For Care. The most Intensive, oh yea
These niggas pigeon peasants
You ain't compared to livin' legends
? collision tested
Ya'll must've missed the message

Gunplay – Upper Echelon

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