[Part One: prod. Solitari] [Intro]
(Guap, put down the scissors!)
(You're a goner)[Verse 1: Guap Sensei]
Ay, step back pussy, get your head cracked
Yeah I keep a sledgehammer on me, in my backpack
Said she want me, it's 'cus I carry fat stacks
FN on me pussy boy I'm finna clap backShe cannot fuck with the squad if she wanted to
Shut the fuck up no one putting shit onto you
I'm on your block with a glock and I murder you
[?]C4 strap it on, blow your fucking brains out
You gon' need a napkin like you getting takeout
Fuckin' your bitch in the back of the whip then I open the window and throw that shit out
If she talk out her neck I'ma go to the back and get tape I'ma tie up her muhfuckin' mouth
She get cut like Nеvada but this ain't the south
How you still talking shit with my dick in your mouthHe don't wanna start shit, pull up on that boy and I'm cutting him with guitar picks
I don't give a fuck I bе fucking up on her armpits
[?] (*Saw noises*)[Verse 2: Gxner]
I'm the devil man
I been moving crazy off the medicine
Knife is in my pocket if we got something to settle man, yeah
You could get popped like a benzo
Lil hoe talking, now I'm removing her shin bones
Yeah, I'm feeling schizo
Cutting off his head I left his soul right down in limboAnd I hit it from the back like a freight hoe
I don't think I took a single L since like A.O
And you talking out your neck 'till it break hoe
Stomp your face in 'cus I'm mentally unstable[Verse 3: Guap Sensei & Gxner]
Hoe I only want the bag
I just came in through the back, gave your hoe multiple scratch
You're a goner like I said thats why I put it in my tag
All you P.C motherfuckers get offended I say fag
And bro said he wanna verse I think ima get him taxed
I'ma grab my buzzsaw then I think I'm 'boutta slash[Part Two: prod. LowKeyLucifer ][Verse 4: Guap Sensei]
I been running low on my patience
Metal bat, make his face split
I just wanna see your body portions on the pavement
Everyday I really hate this
He was talking cocky 'till I pull up, let the K hit
Brains splatter on the carpet if he wanna pull up and he wanna start this
Why you looking at me, I feel too impatient, I'ma kill him with guitar picksHeard you wanna go, I just dumped him on the road
If he wanna throw his fists then we can fight him on the road
[?] put knife up to his throat
Sit still, you annoying pest
I feel like needles are intruding right inside of my chest
I feel like everyone that knows me wants a part of me dead
Now you can't even step up to me 'cus I'll take off your head[Verse 5: Gxner]
Yeah, I think my buzzsaw do the trick
Welcome to the killer's chamber we get to rippin' off your limbs
Yeah, she call me pretty now her body all in slits
I put money on the table, if i shoot I never miss
Finna pop at yo' top
Makin' bacon outta cops
I'ma bury lil bro, I got his body with the crops
And I don't care about my ex, you heard the news the hoes gonna flock
I get to rolling down his way I think im 'boutta pop the stock
This glock I'm poppin' it
We shooting at the opposite
And when I whip my meat then yo' shawty get to topping it
I wanna rip yo 'teeth out then I'll put you in a coffin kid
I gotta get my cleats out then his head, I get to stomping in[Outro: Gxner]
Yeah, yeah, where's my buzzsaw?
Yeah, yeah, where's my buzzsaw?
Yeah, yeah, where's my buzzsaw?
Yeah, yeah, where's my buzzsaw?

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