[ Intro - Azza ] Yo, JDZ media
Azza, Bars n Bass
Hold Tight Dominator and ? on this rhythm
Hold Tight my TNA Squad
As we take flight
Aight lets get 'em[ Verse 1 - Azza ]Yo, I grafted all my little way up to here
Now I'm gonna jump on the mic, they know its gonna be f*cked in here, pure nuts in here
Spit my lines and ? in here
I've been living my ting for a while
I swear that you lot are blind, like A double just appeared
I'm like nah, I ain't just arrived
Quick sixteen imma dust a guy
Everybody telling me I've got to be bold but its A double Z not Busta Rhymes, don't cross the line
Swear down you lot havе lost your minds
I swear down you lot have lost your minds
I swear down you lot havе lost your minds[ Verse 2 - Azza ]Yo, I don't wanna spit with my man, (Why?)
Him getting on set with me
There's more chance of the World Cup being won by Iran
Please don't hype fam
Imma spit flames in the place so the guy ends up with a sidetan
Flows going all mental like Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight fam
But I tick more boxes than I hold in a backroom at night time
I'm like filthy c*nts some other man had sent somebody for the lights out
Yep, let's get hype now
Yep, yep, let's get hype now
Spin a guy right round
Didn't wanna fight now
Tell one of them little boy this....[ Verse 3 - Azza ]I dunno why you're giving it
Start something and I might just finish it
These lot are moving more sideways than Tom Cleverley in a Villa Kit
I sometimes see images when I'm sold out and my brain doesn't give a shit
Bare man are telling me the flows too sick but I'm like
"How good is it?"
Ha-Blah-Blah "How good is it?"
Psycho fell no for the visiting
My little taking shots over the net like somet ?
Bare man are asking me for advice
Use your initiative
And I ain't no idibidigidibidi guy
I'm a lyricist
Let A double Z draw pipe with the ganja boy with no dreadlocks
Everybody knows that I kid it on the road but I ain't talking about hedgehogs
Can't get on the mic 'cos I said not
On point like a sniper with a red dot
I shut shit down in a raving pike like a fight being leg locked
So, the DnB games healthy
Me and Grima we're moving like Hazard and Costa at Chelsea
School teachers told me I would never do this I was like "Now see!"
Never got sexy ladies
"Who's at the concert?" Selfie![ Outro - Azza ]But you ain't all that!
I can make a tune sound sick but it actually ain't all that (Hahaha)
JDZ done

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