Had to get all my niggas
Out da hood you dig [Verse 1]
Dope in the microwave we cooking some gas we cookin some pressure(Pressure)
Sit on my bitch give a fuck bout my Ex
I got the Glock on my dresser
Pour up a four I pour up a seven
I forgot that existed
Cough on my keys and my loafs gettin tested
Ima shoot under pressure I ain't gon sweat shit(Yuh Ayy)
Can't hit the party if I can't bring my wesson
Niggas die with that Glock in the hand
Im killing not less good in the sea I dont need to check in
VVS stone on my neck I water my penny
Iced out rich buy mamma a Bentley
White like coke and im stuck in the dopegang(Dope Gang)
Searching for money ain't searchin fo fame
If you fucking with me then your life in the bounce
This shit in the game I slide in some valleys
I was born with some name Had some talent
I really come show lil pussy know data
I ain't turn into shit I was born like this
I came out my mama I was holdin a stick
She told me start trappin my mom under rent she question my money Son Where You Get This I fresh off a drill
Gunpowder on my nails Bands in my backpack im maskin the smell
Im catchin these plays Im a yung OD Like my nigga at FedEx Ima Work at the mail Im cookin yo slurp look like salt on a snail
We know you a bitch you got fucked in a cell
Dopegang nigga
Yuh yuh ayy
All my niggas you dig

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