In Game lyrics

A budget to balance
Chores to be done
Dinner to cook and
A bathroom to scrub
How long, how long
Will he sit in a daze
Indulging in myths and living
In game Vs1b
A country
A kingdom
A sentry’s horse
Battles to fight and
Dragons, of course
My hero, my savior, he’s left to defend
He’ll die once or twice
But he’ll win
In the endVs2
Your mid lane, your bot lane
Have both run amok
Your wins in the past were beginner’s luck
Your ping skyrockets, well now you’re stuck
In earnest you ask me why your teammates always suck
His brеath it quickens, the sword he draws
Hе’ll cut them down and then he’ll pause
To stand victorious in all his might
I see it almost
Every nightChorus(x2)
My lord, my lord
How long shall I wait?
Standing at these imperial gates
How many foes will have to die
Until my knight is satisfiedMy Lord, my lord my lord my lord
How long, how long shall I wait?
Gory Gloriana – In Game

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