Oohh Milkcrate, this shit kinda chonky! (GoreTega)Last night was a doozy, (Doozy)
Last night was a doozy, (Doozy)Last night was a doozy but this morning bouncin' back, (Bouncin' back)
Think I got too faded, adjacent with cognac (Cognac)
And a little bit of green, Incredible Hulk
Would be jealous, (Jealous)I ain't drinking today, (Uh uh)
I ain't thinking today, (Nuh uh)
Ain't eating Chick-Fil-A neither
Unless I'm breaking in, (Breaking in yuh yuh)Clock reading 5:55
Thought I was sleeping in! (What the fuck)
That's okay, another dollar, another dream
But I flushed it down the toilet
Took a shower, squeaky clean, (Oooouuuu)Back to ya scheduled programmin'
I ain't missing Jerry, (I ain't missing Jerry)
I just gotta make it up the stairs
Old me can't relate, (Nope)Old me out of shape, (Never)
Mighta switchеd it up
New me knows my fate, (Uh huh)
But today I'm lounging round
Likе the old me
Masturbate (Comin!)(Guadae)We on the third X, end of the treasure map (Yeah)
Sprinkle a bit on a day a tip for a brighter lap (Okay okay)
It’s a long journey worth the wait if you adapt (Dat way)
Always find my way light in darkness and that’s no cap (No cap)Forever leave them thinking
Why my eyes riding low, (Low)
Maybe I’m living different
But this is how I roll, (I roll)
Avoid the paranoia
Got my life in control (Oh yeah?)
Always ask how you doin' and never why yo flows cold (Chilly)I throw the music on, I blast it from my bed (Yeah)
No speaker, records spinning in my mind, call it pinhead (Who you calling pinhead?)
Never feel the need to follow any new trends (Nope)
Always in my own lane where I choose the roads end, ay! (Ayyy)

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