Benny lyrics

Benny the Beaver builds a bridge by breakfast
Then Benny the Badger badgers him all day
He'll swear and he'll curse but nobody understands him
And if he's ignored, he's bound to go away Off through the woods goes Benny singing opera
Trained at the Covent Garden, so he boasts
Then comes a shout from out beneath the poplar
Benny the Fox is drinking Benny's toast"Lend me your gloves so I can keep my feet warm"
Cries Benny the Squirrel high up in a tree
It's Benny's day off, he's playing snakes and ladders
That is, he's playing with Benny the Bumble Bee
Benny the Rabbit's formed himself a brass band
They played at the annual barbecue tonight
The instruments came from Paddy O'Leary's Showband
They really cooked up a treat, Benné was right

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