I've been making moves
I've been paying dues
Who you running from?
Where you going to?
Trans-a-late my truths
While I'm in the booth
I've been going dumb dropping number Two Ok um
I'm a bum
Sitting in the corner chewing on gum
Ok um
Get it gone
Yeah make the money got a green thumb
What's up? I'm a mutt
Pour blood in a cup full of pus
In ourselves, we trust
I'm a dog, you a pupBetter watch the people that you speak around
Why? Language resolution with the Pixel Buds got me trans-a-lating at the speed of sound (that's fast)
If you code-switching they could make it so that everyone that uses them can hear you now
Can you hear me now? yup. Good!
Smartphones dumbing information down
How does that sound? Good. Guuuud
Hi! Don't mean to interrupt you
In the double R just setting up a bluetooth
Oh! forgot to check
Does this not go in the back of my neck?
No? Ok I'll ask a vet
I bought this phone with the lines to my check
I'm gonna die? huh, Bet!
My information goes onto the netI can hear the dogs
I can probably detect what they're saying
This will be a huge innovation that will not go unnoticed
Can you imagine speaking to your pet dog and understanding what they're saying
What if they're capable of having a deep conversation about life?Cell phones are prone to dissociative tones
Their minds are gone, but they try to live long
They bit that bone, now they all alone
And their only focus is their phone
But what about me? Man's best friend
What about me is less interesting?I really wasn't ready for that observation
What if my devices could keep me from fully enjoying life, with a pet?
Hmm. Maybe having a deep conversation about life wasn't such a good idea
Trans-a-late my truths while I'm in the booth
I've been going dumb dropping number Two

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