[Verse 1: Gios4ma]
You might die if you try it
And if you was to take my life
You might start a riot
And if you wanna write my rhymes
You might need some Pyrex
A hotplate
A stovetop
Perhaps illegal finance
If you bring him back to life
You could recruit the help of Reagan
My bars is out this world
You should recruit Carl Sagan
Just to get a gist
Fuss to get a fist
Or you could cluck to get a glick
In the Gluckstadt with a clique
Pigs was on my dick
I only came up here to spend
But now I'd rather steal
And redistribute to my friends
Communism kills
But my communism wins
Your capitalism failed
Its all semantics in the end
In summary, in conclusion
Getting to it, we’ll begin
Simple message in my music
Going out to all the kids:
Read to free your mind
And be protective of your skin
And if they offer opposite
Then you should burn em to stick
They might just be a witch [Verse 2: Matityahu]
If I know anything I know that life can be better
Tired of sitting round waiting on cheddar
In this system where ya sense of freedom ya only fetter
It’s misery this shit got me fed up
Tryna find myself on land where I feel
More at home in this Mississippi sand
Wish that we could freely roam—
Cut off all they gimpy hands
Feed my seed on fruit alone fuck all they assembly plants
Fuck all of dem student loans I got me some bigger plans
Tryna blow up the lighthouse like I’m Django
Take an axe cut they lights out like I was Sango
Or blend in and take charge like a nigga was Rango
Take skins create art what a nigga was made for
What the fuck else I came for?
Now who’s that nigga on that there nag?
Yahu the reaper came to burn ya fucking flag
APU from Kwik-e-mart like thank u come again
If u think u harder than the diamond blade within my pen
Will never sink in martyrdom I’ll bleed for all my kin
But won’t go out on knees and hands
I’m building houses squeezing hammers
And destroying them like Samson
Keep an eye out for Delilah
If her scissors touch my dreads then she’ll provoke the holy fire[Verse 3: RobIsRoyal]
Past few months I been unlearning
Working on my discernment
Seeing how the system kill us and
Profit off of the mourning
And often they say they feel us
But really they be pretending
Checks made us complacent
Got the nerve to be pretentious
New gear, check out the freshness
Nike airs on me
Government budget, they ain’t budging
Give you crumbs homie
Knowing that was all a nigga wanted, really needed
It’s mouths that need feeding
But that’s not gone buy atonement
Tone deaf ain’t the word
They always heard but never listened
Unorganized noise, all my niggas cause disruption
You can’t keep us all dormant
Gthese voices gone stay erupting
And when it catch flame Ima be like..
Mama the house is burning
Mama the house is burning
The children they need to see this
My brother picked up a burner
My sister picked up the pieces
Relate it back to the thesis nigga[Voice Memo: LV.Radio]
I feel alive when, when I'm listening to a fucking bomb ass playlist and the motherfucking transition hits harder than a bitch. I love that shit, it's better than sex. Nevermind that's a strong ass statement[Voice Memo: Summer Lowe]
I feel alive when I'm in a crowd of people and we're singing in harmony because we know word for word the song we're singing
I feel alive when I'm on the beach with my toes in the sand[Voice Memo: Tyler Blank]
I feel alive at the shows. When the lights cut off, the crowd becomes one, and the music is the only thing in the world that matters[Voice Memo: King $ly]
I feel alive when I make a song and it's just how I imagined it
I feel alive when I look back and see all the things I've accomplished
I feel alive when I look back and realize I could've died[Voice Memo: Jay Q]
Man I feel alive when it's my off day but I end up making more money than I would've made at work
Man I feel alive when I'm on the road listening to music, just cruising, and I get pulled over. And the police walk up to the window and he's Black but he lets me off with a warning
But most of all bro, I really feel alive when that new Gio track drop
Let's go

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