Come let's sit
Where rappers have the rock flip scripts
And count the 12 up in the mix
Puttin down the Writz
MCs walk within
The round part off-way beat
It took they on somewhere they drift
Puttin down the Writz Ear duct probably jump into your mental
When you hear what rhyme inventions I been into
Just the clear-cut, uncut dope without delusion
It's the sheer rough raw preach skills that I'm inflictin
In the rear cut, now I'm just spot, peepin my competition
Hear what mere mortals could never pull up in my sphere pluck ports
Inferior years come and go, it's about to be one
Here, cause now it's all I know
And here's what they want, up jump the frequencies
The Leer jet speeds like sound
Surroundin poundin in your eardrum (Watch out now!)
Make preparation for it, here it comes (Tumblin down!)
For centuries to come and then some
Rhyme's Menthol without the hedges
And the benz son, time gets stalled
A rapper's head is just a emblem on my wall
I like to welcome MCs inside of my melodical Monster's Ball
And yes, yes, yaaaalll
Look out below, Sharky!
Got a new machine and now I'm feelin kinda cocky
When I grab a pen I hear the theme song from Rocky
Rhymes intoxicatin like a warm cup of sake
Sock it to me, rock it truly, we ain't never sloppy
I could get you higher than the seed of a poppy
Choppy rhyme jalopy, moppin oppositions
Starvin carbon copy, rock me I'll be rockin noggin
Startin wars in your apartment lobby, golly
Rhymin like a Simple Simon, timin off and probly
Gobblin all them arts I'm often flyin in the sky
Sire with the higher fire
Choirs till your psyche strikin mightily
I cordially invite you all to[Chorus]
MCGI, people call me Gift
When I'm tearin up a party I feel no guilt
I tilt scales, build, sell prevail and just wail
On MCs with these, a 10th degree blackbelt
Verbal warlord
105, the zero look up at the scoreboard
Got so high you thought I couldn't ever soar more
Baby bye-bye, my rock is takin off (All Aboard!)
Into the sky we travelin through sound corridors
Way up high we take ya places that ya four-door
Couldn't explore and leave the Coliseum tour for-
Ever and a day and a hour and 7 minutes and a second
Exactly and evermore

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