I’m so sad about every piece of you
It’s dark before five and there’s ice in the ground
Take off your shirt and show me you’re a man
Put away that smile and do something with them hands
Weak-ass motherfucker with too much to lose
Don’t worry about your hair and your white man blues
Oh you’re an everyman and you’re available
So i don’t care, i don’t care, i don’t care Say something funny or admit you feel blind hate
Defending everyone makes no one safe
You lip sync kindness from thе book on P.C. rules
Depending on position you know I don't mind bеing used
You’re the spoken man, so helpful, so evolved
If you ain’t an animal, honey, I ain’t involved
Go be a man or I’ll make plansWithout you, without you, without you, without you
Without you, you know I’ll make plans
Without you, I'll make plansOh, oh, ohMake no war between what you think and what you say
You’re just an actor in an off, off, off Broadway play
Polite fiction’s grown like ivy across your brain
My trail’s gone cold you know I’m tired of being tamed
Love me so long, so hard like you never did before
Every promise is adept and every hug is a head lock
Oh here I am mister broken man
Fuck you, fuck me, fuck this, fuck everyone involved
No meat, no sweat, no desert, no cherry on top
Put me on the bottom now cuz I like that way
And work me, oh work me, yeah work me, oh work me
Work me right to sleep (work, work, work)
Work me right to sleep (right to sleep)
Work me right to sleep (work, work, work)
Work me right to sleep (right to sleep)

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