[Intro: Ghetts and ]
Hear what I'm saying
Right now it's Ghetto
E13, all day long
I'm here now with my nigga [Verse 1: Buck]
I'm from the ends where we bang bang these Southside streets
And I linked with N.A.S.T.Y crew's Ghetto from the East
Got siege on my side and he's ready to squeeze
Heard about Sidewinder so fuck Flirta D
'Cause we got 'em toys
When you spit, you don't say no bars
You just make a lot of noise
Hype hype dssh
Hype hype eurghh
Cock back squeeze, leave you right right durr
Boy, the stuff you pulled bugged me
You remind me of Kanu
Skinny, tall and ugly
When we roll to Pecknarm, you know where the thugs be, guns be
I push you like we push drugs
You're a little mug, don't have to be on ITV for us to feed you slugs
'Cause I'm back in the [?]
Skengs we be grippin' it
If it's on, cock back, we be lickin' it
On the grad, here today, know we be flippin' it
Flirta on the floor, fucked up on the door, blood be drippin' here
Get it right, this is it G
One more word, no more smooth nights at ministry
[Verse 2: Ghetts]
Fuck you what you heard, it weren't nothin' but nonsense
Who said I'm a dead man?
And I'm up and I'm conscious
You niggas must be bonkers
Fuckin' with monsters
I'll catch when you least expect it and dump you in Romford
I came, I saw, I conquered
Your brain's on the floor like converse
No strays in the door
It's blatant that I aim for your jaw
I'm straight from the gutter
Around here, we don't rate the pompous
If you fuck with Ghetto, buss the metal
You don't want it with us, on a level
Don't doubt it, I'm about it
And you know I'm down with the foul clip
For a round quick, with a shot to your face when the roundhouse kick
Two caps to your face, now bow down bitch
And in my town, you were tryna' clown and left to drown on spit
You ain't real, on the account of it
But still you feel, you're down for it
I'm skilled in the field, mad with a shield
You can run but you can't hide, in the field
The only reason you're alive because I know niggas that'll lick out your eye for a bill
I'm straight from the grime, it's real
[Verse 3: Ghetts and ]You see, this is what happens when South meets East
Two real niggas, you don't want our people to pouch
Without people around, my people are foul
I don't want to have to leave you 6 feet in the ground[Outro: Ghetts]
Now look at him
Now look at him, swear
I was listening to radio last night and I was sending for you, you know
Thought I heard something from you?
You think I give a fuck?
He's sounding like Crazy Frog and shit

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