6 point star lyrics

I don't know 'bout you, I know 'bout me
I look down, keep that shit solid to God (And I got the Yayo)

Verse 1
Yeah, that's that money count (Frrt)
Ayy, let's talk about racks (Racks), nigga, you know we got large amount (Aight)
Yeah, I was like thirteen sneakin' guns in my mama house (Ayy, mom)
Ayy, fuck around, get smoked, I'ma tell 'em once like Lil Mouse (Pah-pah, pah)
Ayy, out my top, I'm dumb as hell, just spent five hundred on a shirt (Damn)
Ayy, popped two Percs, I'm high as hell, I swear to God I left Earth (I swear)
Ayy, off the porch, go ask my mama, I been a gangster since my birth (Ayy, mama)
Ayy, Crazy died, I had my iron, I was clutchin' that bitch at the church (Let's go)
Ayy, hit they block, we let off shots, this shit sound like January First (Pah-pah, pah)
Ayy, spin they block two times, we catch three opps, thеn put the car in reversе (Skrrt)
Walk inside the mall, I put my Glizzy in my bitch purse
Uh, won't beef 'bout no ho, I don't even care who hit that bitch first (Uh-uh, uh-uh)
Yeah, nigga tried to pull his gun on me, I shot that bitch first (Pah- pah, aight, come on)
Ayy, Dracos at my concert (Fft)
Try that shit, you get murked (Let's go)
Ayy, Lil Tay hit 'em with that yeah (What else?), walk right with a big smirk (Aight)
Ayy, had to my shoot my Draco with two hands and make my hand hurt (Come on)
Ayy, had to cut that bitch off, she always makin' my head hurt (Uh, aight, come on)
Ayy, bitch, pull up your pants, she know I came here for that head work
Ayy, nigga ain't never shot his gun, I'ma show him how that lead work (Pah-pah, pah)
Ayy, catch an opp, he run, them niggas be showin' me how they legs work
Uh, better not speak on Fifty name (Uh-uh), just use your head and think smart (Fifty)
Chop came with the scope, it's so accurate and it shoot far
Uh, pulled up, shot his daddy in his face, I took it too far
Ayy, heard they havin' a cookout on they block, we slid in two cars
Ayy, way that lil' bitch sucked my dick, thought she was a porn star
Yeah, better not think I'm lackin' (Uh-uh), got them choppers in this foreign car (Fft)
Ayy, used to break through cribs and put they change inside the Coinstar
Uh, when I'm with my gang, I throw up gang, six point star

When I'm with my gang, I throw up gang, six-point star
When I'm with my gang, I throw up gang, six-point star
When I'm with my gang, I throw up gang, six-point star
When I'm with my gang, I throw up gang, six-point star

Verse 2
Ayy, nigga, you ain't gang, you can't hop inside this fuckin' car (Skrrt, aight, come on)
Ayy, I don't know why they watchin' (Uh-uh), call these niggas Audemars (Yeah)
Ayy, your bitch get on top of me (What else?), she ride that dick like a stolen car (Come on)
Yeah, me and Shy on feet, we hit they strip and tear they street apart (Pah-pah, pah, aight, come on)
Ayy, we'll paint the city black (Yeah), me and folks be doin' art (Let's go)
Ayy, beefin' with the city, I tell folks, "You better move smart" (Ayy)
Uh, on a chase, cop car (Skrrt)
Make 'em rake, pop tire (Aight, come on)
These niggas some jokes (Ha), I just call these niggas Kevin Hart (Haha, aight, come on)

Pah, pah-pah, made my MAC-11 spark
I don't know why they playin' games, bitch, this ain't no fuckin' park
Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm, play sport
Mm-hmm-mm-hmm, mm-hmm-mm, yeah

GetRichZay – Sorry Not Sorry

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