Lyrics from Snippet [Verse]
Hit they block and split 'em like I danced the Glock (Aight, let's go)
Uh, fuck that boy, we put his ass and he's to God (Yeah, uh)
Try to pull 'em strings, this ain't no guitar (Boom)
Try to run off with that sack (Pah-pah), I swear that boy ain't make it far (Pah, pah-pah)
Ayy, try to run off with my sack, I swear you ain't gon' see tomorrow
Ayy, I got racks in both my pockets (Racks), still in the field like I'm Lamar (Yup)
Ayy, we smoke dead men (Dead men), pull up, grab 'em out the drop (Ah ha)

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