[Verse: 1]
Fuck is they talking about
Niggas be running they mouth
Till a lil nigga just run in they house
And put a lil gun on their snout
Now your family's wondering calling the cops
They asked for your whereabouts
All of these rap niggas I am not sparing them now
Some of these bitches they claim they won't look at me but they keep staring me down
So many fake niggas and these bitches man that shit keep on weighing me down
Had to choose between two faces and blue faces got to weigh all it out
My Tech 9 put the air up they blouses
These niggas pussy had them bleed out they're crotches
Niggas hating I can't keep em around me
I keep on grinding till I'm making a profit [Bridge]
This life got a price to pay and it owe me
Theres a lot to lose that's why I keep it on me
I'm always on go I be sliding sliding
All of these niggas ain't in my lane I'm keeping it real that is on me[Verse: 2]
Hold on huh
Young nigga done came out the 'jects
So many things happened in my life; I don't even care what happens next
I am a living legend in the making
Like I'm makaveli all in the flesh
Gotta go keep a mac on me in the vette
Better go and relax homie watch your step
None of these niggas fuck with me
Fucking with my money you'll get slumped quicker
I'll slide on you like a 808 drum roll
When that drum blow
You can feel the base kicking
I'm tired of niggas always playing with me
This ain't a facade or a phase in me
I'm praying that god keep on saving me
I'm praying that god open lanes for me

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