Lord of War lyrics

[Produced by Trackmasters] [Intro: Yuri Orlov]
There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11?
It all starts inside of a factory
Whether makeshift or legit, it’s still making cash from me

Molten lead is formed to the shape of a point
Processed and cleaned up, workers only paid with some coin

When it’s boxed it goes outside into the back of the truck
Inside a box of my friends, or end up inside of a pump

From there it’s shipped to the docks where it meets the connects
Put on a ship and travels from here to the west

Bought by a man of illegitimate means
Illegitimate schemes to make illegitimate cream
Bought up by the Cartels, they use it to load their weapons
Unload their Wesson’s on anyone that's steppin’
This time they bought low and sold high
They sold some weapons to a bunch of Italian Wiseguys
I was partnered with a pistol
One of them bought the gun and ammo by the fistfuls
He packed it into the clip and went to meet his boss
The don gave him a contract to avenge a man that he lost
And he was a higher up, so it’s go fish
Played his cards wrong, so he ended up in a low ditch
Got the hitman a license to carry
Just in case he got caught so he wouldn’t end up buried
A false ID and tickets to the east
He had the features of an angel but the pickin’s of a beast
His target was a man who was last seen around the capo
An old friend of his, reason why they wanna put one in his asshole
He flew east and booked into a shady hotel
It was a crime scene, chalk outlines in a Mercedes, oh well

Set up a board and thumbed tacked the pictures on it
It was Kane, his homie and every associated convict

He picked his prey, picked his day and checked out the gun
Nine millimeter ruger, black talons, leave a person done
Checked the magazine to see that it was loaded
He figured that it would kill a man instantly, and leave the bloody victim coated
He drove over to the area where he was seen last
He shot the man and his friend and tried to drive from the scene fast
3:44 PM, coming from the southwest
The sweet release of the trigger, next one aimed for his mouth next
I entered the man’s skull from the chamber, and lodged in his brain
The sweet release of death, either this or selling rocks to his name

While I was being fired, I felt as if time was slowing down
People screaming, an innocent child mowed down

People running through the crossfire just to get away
Bloody coogi sweaters, brown stains, could've been a better day

But they ran into the eye of it, the boys grab their AK
Citizens shouting for help, acting like an ambush with the mayday

The man was shot in the shoulder, had his gun out his holster
Got shot, car flipped, one less gunman off the roster
My last breath I saw my owner laid away
Inside an ambulance, I guess it’s what happens when you pay to play
Paranoia strikes deep
When we’re rolling in the streets
You better be careful where you creep
Beware of the company you keep
Stop, hey, what's that sound? Everybody look, bodies goin’ down
Stop, hey, what's that sound? Everybody look, bodies goin’ down(Continued humming)[Outro]
(Phone rings)
Kane: Who the hell is this and how did you get this number?
Charles: Ayo man, it’s Charlie, you know how I got this number
Kane: Oh shit, didn’t recognize you, whatchu need?
Charles: The fuck do you mean you….nevermind man listen I gotta talk to you about something
Kane: What is it?
Charles: You know Tommy right? Well they capped him, those greaseball fucks capped his ass inside of a fucking bar!! I fucking told you fucking wit’ those niggas is a bad idea!!
Kane: (silence)
(Throws the phone against the wall)
Kane: Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!! You listen to me Charlie, were gonna kill those retarded, dago guinea cunts you hear me!! I'M GONNA PERSONALLY FIND OUT WHERE THEY ARE AND KILL THEM OURSELVES!!!
Charles: Aight man, well shit if you want me to do anything man just let me know
Kane: (Sighs) Yeah Charlie…take care of his mother for me, she’s gonna be fucking devastated
Charles: Aight man, take care of yourself
Kane: And Charlie?
Charlie: Yeah?
Kane: Don’t call me on this fucking phone again (Hangs up, slow sobbing)

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