I'm a real thug 'cause I play some Minecraft!
I mine a lot of diamonds when I play some Minecraft!
My tree farm's thuggin, boy, who you tryna finesse?
There's no stealing on Minecraft, boy, I am the best (skrrt) If you don't play Minecraft, then you're kinda lame
Playin' all the time, I love Minecraft
Look at my house, it's so awesome
Jealous of my skills 'cause they are noobsGolden Apple's life, and so what can be real strong
I'm booling on Minecraft just to pass the day along
Yeah, I'm the Minecraft pimp
Don't be scared if I got a diamond swordSugar cane farm, and I got some wheat
Got so many diamonds that you'd think I'm pretty neat
Collectin' all these emeralds and it ain't even funny
I got diamond armor, yeah, my armor ain't bummyI told y'all before, I'm the Minecraft Thug
Dual diamond swords that are made of some diamonds
I can kill all the monsters without even trying
Gold blocks on my house, boy I'm the bestI'm killing zombies and they're knocking out my door
Look at my ores, man. I'm swaggin' out
I got all the ladies 'cause I play MC
I drive a minecart, and then I go mining!
I can find all the diamonds without even trying!
I got lots of potions and I got lots of food
Building Minecraft houses that look pretty great
I'm the Minecraft pimp, whatchu think about?I got 90 diamonds on me, 'bout to give 'em out
Gold plated pick, gotta pick this pig
Mushroom stew and I've couple ender pearls
Travel 'cross the world on my Minecraft server!Minecraft is the best, in the world
Ain't you heard about it, you're a noob

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