Hey, Lord
Bless this song [Verse 1] gingieboi
Got the demons on mute
Sin washed off like “oh shoot” (ay)
We on that high ground
A, A, down B, goin for the ground pound
Bravo six, goin dark
Got that goin on like I’m tony stark
Got it on our side, we got nothing to fear
She’s my starter pokemon, gonna use [?]
Jesus comin back like return of the jedi
He don’t rock the boat, yeah, he’s keepin us stead-eye
Satan pullin up from afar
Got him in the sights of my gold scar
Us gamers got a vision
Yes Lord, we’re on a mission
Satan only wants a division
Yeah, he got us cringing[Verse 2] MyThighs
While y’all at the AA meeting, I’m at the GG meeting
I’m munching on dubs, and y’all are just now teething
But now is the season, when when I sow I’m not reaping
The poop on your diaper is leaking
I’m about to blow, and y’all are just creepin
I’m level 100, y’all are on the tutorial
Being God’s son is such strong euphoria
Held a ceremony in Satan’s memorial
All the G4G got together and teabagged his forehead
Hold up bro, let me load in
All my boys bouta go in
Got way more than my toes in
Put me in a pew, I’m zoned in
Talk about your dubs on[?]
This ain’t lukewarm, it’s frozen
Hop in the game with Moses
My God better than [?]Sorry I’m a gamer, not a weeb
Never pick Goku over a full diamond steve
This salvation grace’s not on sale on Steam
Gotta keep my team, this sin I’ll flee
Like a bag I’ll tea, on satan’s dreams
Just an antiteam with a holy gleam
This is solo SG, that’s no teaminIt’s gamers v. athiests, I’m done debating this
There’s no rephrasing this, it’s only God’s saving grace
Sorry to athiests, My God created this
Can’t be debated, there ain’t no mutating this
No way I’m trading this
Satan’s a hacker, and I’m not just sayin it
Married to the game, and I’m not just dating it[Verse 3] nphiltv
Hello, hello, my name is Jedi Lucario
I pulled up to the castle like Mario
Stompin on my sin like koopas
Balling on 2k, I’m a hoopa
Freddy headed with a jumpscare
Twitch streamin to pay my bus fare
No fricks and no hecks, the G4G we never swear
The antichrist is sus, he’s not on God’s roster
He says he’s the savior, but he’s the imposter
Building up towers in fortnite like Jericho
In my relationship with God, I’m gonna grow
She tryna meet up for a Bible study
She wanna be more than just a buddy
But she ain’t a Proverb 31 kind of girl
All she want is diamonds and pearls
I’m here to turn athiests into believers
Can’t be stopped by zombies or creepers
Fear is my resident evil, God’s love is my upheaval
Put my faith in christ as my salvation
Now I’m set free, there’s no condemnation
The rock on which I stand, that’s my foundation
The fruit of my works That’s my confirmation[Verse 4] LordThiccness
G4G lookin sleek
Hittin that beat
Make your best f3 peek the x, y, z
To grind on the double
Pewdiepie’s in trouble
Start calling for help, and God’ll come tumbling
Tryna be my MC, Satan wants to kill me
Lookin at my real G’s, gonna need infinity
Lookin at my enemies, running down 10th street
Shout out to my camp peeps, shout out to my family
We finna make help God famous
We’re gonna use His beautiful creation to spread the invitation
To his glorious vacation
To help save the debtors from SatanIn hell you’ll be burnin, stomach churnin
In heaven you’ll be yearning, prayers surging
Go ahead and learn this, turn to his furnace
I promise you’ll flourish, promise you’ll score this
[Outro] LordThiccness
Bow your head with me
Dear God, I pray that you’ll help this channel to grow and spread your Word
This channel isn’t just about us, but the people that you love unconditionally
I pray no matter the past, or things done
That you’ll accept them with open arms, God
I pray for a beautiful future
G4G, we’re going places

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