[Produced by DJ L] [Intro]
I'm just livin' man
Blowin' smoke, stress easin'
Just trying to get to the main goal, look[Hook]
Same niggas doubted when was nothing
Have the nerve to ask me why am I stuntin'
Same bitches used to diss me in public
See me now and wonder why I don't fuck 'em
Too many fakers niggas hatin' for nothin'
Can't believe they wonder why I'm one hundred
I been patient, still chasin' the money
I just hope that I ain't waitin' for nothin'[Verse 1]
Big G Herbo been signed but never had me a big deal
Grew up with both parents, never had me a Big Wheel
Instead I had my momma, that's what keep me sane
And can't forget about my poppa, he taught me the game
Always told me to stay focused and make me a lane
Be a leader, don't you worry about being lame
You know niggas only worried bout makin' names
Chasing after bitches, don't want money, they just chasin' fame
But I'm a kid, who the fuck wanna be a lame, pops
I'm just tryna play ball, I ain't in the game pops
It ain’t my fault that everybody round me know my name pops
And I seen a lot of shit so I don't act my age pops
Gettin' older, I'm just graduating eighth grade pops
Soon as I turned 13, trouble with the cops
Soon as I turned 14, started seeing Glocks
Fazo toting 30 shots in the middle of the block[Hook][Verse 2]
We used to post up by the light pole waiting for the Ops to flip
Lil bro got that banger on him, run up and start flamin' on 'em
On the 8 we a hundred neighbors down the street keep complaining on us
We ain't goin' nowhere, we in this shit til it start raining on us
When it rain, put a hoodie on, now we slidin'
Catch him while he blindin', bloah, perfect timing
I left that life behind me but best believe that I'm still grimy
East side of Chicago where you found me
And them other niggas wanna blam me but they don't really understand me
I'ma shoot it out like Kyrie, gotta make it back to my family
Told Capo when my tape drop, watch everybody try to sign me
Cap said “Nigga fuck labels we young niggas we grindin”
I know you see your body shinin', face full of diamonds
[?] tryna harm me
Cuban link and a kilo but that bitch [?]
And I don't know when my time close so I gotta stick to the [?][Hook]

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