VERSE 2: We moved on to army fatigue from little league to lead and succeed as one like stampede with the benefit of hindsight we not seeking the limelight simply wanna convey an insight collision course with our birthright mustard seed faith let it shine like skylights kid crusaders we crime fight against mediocrity so make sure we rhyme tight write rhymes late night home alone then bring it to the streets like a megaphone got it sown roaming zones like mobilе phones archetypes wеre unique and not clones VERSE 3: In time of war I embrace the battle shield of faith and double edge being put off the ammo breastplate of righteousness helmet of salvation together in holy amalgamation I thank Yah for the resurrection direction when I was lost at the intersection lost in my transgressions now I receive blessings no longer do I have to question but constantly mention my faith upon confession be a living testimony walking Christ reflection trust in His wisdom not my own discretion every word from Him is a valuable lesson that's why I listen with fear reverent submission seek His consultation with every decision to avoid the collision of living a contradiction I've come too far I can't abort the mission

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