Yeah, Yeah
Yeah sir
Two plus two is four
Minus one adds two
Yeah [Verse]
Yeah, I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, tryna tell me that the mans not hot
Hundred and twenty in the summer, I was moving around the country in a whip
No AC, say the van not hot
Chillin with the bros when the fam got shot
I was skippin out a class with my mans got locked
Told grams I don't really give a damn 'bout nothin
Long as I get 'em numbers and the fans all watch
I just move on, man the kid is back
We bout to make the whole city crack
I'm out here feeling like Diddy, I just spend a milly
Ciroc in my sippie glass
Women be showin' their titties fast
I passed on them broadies, that's into that
I'm getting older I need me a woman that know what she want and she getting that
Been there since 09, the boy fine
I was flippin them off [?]
Lyrics go but they head like, mo lice
Everybody's want a piece, I'm given em no slice
No advice, I've been on the road like a half pipe
Live a fast life, they think that I would have crashed twice
Swag in my pad, like I'm out here playin' bagpipes
Walking contradictory when he spit it, he mad nice
Oh, Let that marinate, don't throw no punches at heavyweights
Stand behind my bars like Kevin Gates
Gettin' to the money, never hesitate
You should probably look up for the Color 8
Another great verse, I'm in here, not gonna let it wait, ain't no better day to do it, saluting everyday
You over your head like the fray homie get away
I'm agitated, never fabricated, concentrated on my occupation
Got a pay the compensation for the conversation, dominating
Now the probably hatin' all the men, they hit the population
With a complicated array of bangers
You constipated you ain't shittin on em, I did it on 'em spit on 'em like it's VH1
So I guess a pumpkin, need the stuff and I'm hungry so give me something
I own it like Fuzzy Lumpkin
I'm on that property, dump em
Like Doo Doo Doo Doo
Yeah, thats what y'all sound like
Doo doo, shitty as fuck
You know the brown type
Ah, forget about numbers cause this song is poppin
Man somethings not adding up
I guess they just like the beat, so I gave 'em some lyrics, your boy had to spice it up

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