[Verse 1: Trials]
Yo I'm suppose to be humble? You're kidding
They still trying to cum onto women, I just finished cumming in 'em
Picturing 'em in their full flat
Mall rats enough goths, sluts coughed up what I poured down
It's your round, never mine and it stays that way
Until the day I federlined J. MacRae, ayy
Take the bait and I take your name instead of a couch
Tom Cruise the bit of your mouth now
I think it's evident now the evidence out
Settling downs out out the question
And how many thousand crew throw towels in to show their click
Fuck showmanship, I done showed their shit
Show the dick 'til the girl gets the cum out
Then...she get the fuck out!
Till we run out of drinks, I skull this one
Thinking out the box with my finger stuck in one [Verse 2: Sesta]
Come fuck around, fuck it I cum around
I hit your girl in the back while your son around
She's busy, run to the liqour shop and get a bottle
Kiddies love it, he's a role model
Low morals, beer goggles
Thick as a brick but I'm never double dipping the dick in the bitch
Fuck, I turn 'em vegetarian, the drunk pallbearer
Holding wood trying to bury you
I give 'em clout, spread the rumour
Getting kicked out of clubs rocking second hand Pumas
Who got the illest sport? The name 'Oars
Encores they feel it boy more than they feeling chainsaws
We came, we saw, we fade 'em all, we did it
You prayed we'd fall, we didn't, huh you're kidding?
Walking in and we killing the vibe
You better hide the dinner knifes because I might...
[Hook: Trials & Sesta]
Blackout (what-wha-wha-what, what)
Blackout (what-wha-wha-what, what)
Yeah (what-wha-wha-what, what)
Better clean the gutter 'cause I'm going to, going to
Blackout (try come fuck around with the oars
That shit's lunacy, hey, Trials take a shit on these G.I. Joe mother fuckers)[Verse 3: Trials]
Yeah that's Sesta raise a fucking toast for my man
We on the prowl for a piece of pussy with pokey tan
I'm talking takeover, time's up
See they struggling for styles when they hardly rhyme half the time
Real shit real hard to find
Oars play point-guard like Bali 9
They gotta stop it, another day at the office
And their name hold weightless that's why these mother fuckers drop it under
I'm the prophet that turns wine to vomit from my wallet with cob webs on it
If you sick of it, stop it
Listen to Common if you want some nice rap
If you like that you probably got my shit and took it right back
Hilltop and Oars - That's the truth
Weapon X and Ken Hell - That's the booth
The shit's fake, major-label budget away from a piss tap
Best take the piss away before I... BLACKOUT!
[Verse 4: Sesta]
You ain't fucking with Ses, ask Pegz
You're harmless, the last pick a target
Gin start the bitch palming start
At a bargain [?] the answer
Body snatcher digging her out
A hundred motherfuckers is chilling me out, what the fuck
Raise the terror level with every sip
So I get a better devil every drink, everythin'
Better than it's ever been, pink shirts and pop collared
Cock suckers, stop getting props without a top dollar
Rock bottom I've got 'em, I'm Lex in Gotham
You in the wrong city to stop him, drop it
Back in it raw, packing the floor
Stacking the door, that's what I rap for
I tag whores with an S on they chest
Far from super, duper, fuckers in the stoop for saying[Hook: Trials]
Blackout (what-wha-wha-what, what)
Blackout (what-wha-wha-what, what)
Yeah (what-wha-wha-what, what)
Better clean the gutter cos I'm gonna, gonna
Blackout, bla-bla-blackout, blackout
Bla-bla-bla-bla-blackout, blackout
Blackout, bla-bla-blackout, blackout
Bla-bla-bla-bla-blackout, blackout
(What-wha-wha-what, what)
(What-wha-wha-what, what)
(What-wha-wha-what, what)
Better clean the gutter cos I'm gonna, gonna

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