Have you seen this man before ?
Four guys in the wind, come on
People know you for “Imagine”
Long hat and long beard, round glasses
He likes Japanese girls, isn’t it ?
Yoko in the sky with diamonds Ouh, oh Mister John Lennon
I like listening to you on the gramophone
Ouh, oh Mister John Lennon
Please scream one “Mother” againWhen I was kid, I preferred the blue sergent pepper
Lonely ‘cause no one liked your songs
Now it’s strange ‘cause I’m the blue sergent, oh
But my glasses are turning around my eyes again
And I singOuh, oh Mister John Lennon
I don’t why I haven’t got the yellow one
Ouh, oh Mister John Lennon, oh1980, sad day
Overdriving sound on your head
It’s getting closer, can you hear it ?
Now Mister John, oh no

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