The Fox & The Deer lyrics

Plenty of days in the winter
That would give good cause to a bender
But lately starting in December
I found a new replacement membrane The whole room in shambles
Five-alarm shakings and trembles
Yeah it was filled to the brim with anguish
Until the whole damn thing just vanished[Chorus]
And so
Days flow
I'll be
The fox & the deer[Verse]
The bossman complaining
Like I got no recourse to maim him
I'd like to buy one of those chain things
So I can smash his useless brains in
All things up in tatters
I wonder, does it even matter
If I would give in to the latter
And start my own public massacre[Chorus]
Days flow
Hang tight
Believe in
The fox & the deer
And so
Days flow
Frankie Traandruppel – The Fox & The Deer

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