Intro: Badash got the sauce nigga [Hook]Pour up some drink pour up some ice
Baby she thick(bae she thick)
You Know The Vibes(vibe vibe)[Verse]
I need a Drink I need a Smoke
Watchu think I Wanna Roll
Blur in A Smoke Blur In smoke
Bae she thick Blur in A SmokeFuck That Grumpy
I want That Gramy
Cut cut cut I'm isolated
Pass me A Lean
Pass me codeineI gotta pop
I gotta pour up
Soda gotta pour up
You know I'm deck
I'm on Top
Stored up On a StockI'm sure you shocked
You know how i rock
You know how it's cocked
I'm pro with the glockThat hoe she hot
Hitting my notes
On my cock
Fuck That damn
Ignore the thotsI need that act
My soda so dirty
D'usse D'usse(Bitch I'm drank!)[Hook]Pour up some drink pour up some ice
Baby she thick (bae she thick)
You Know The Vibes (vibe vibe)[Verse]Niggz Gonn Top
Niiggz Gonn Flex
Badash Got The Sauce nigga
Huh No Demands nigga
My Drip Aquefreshed hittaMy Life is mess isa movie
Yeah I'm flowing with the beat dawg
Pretty hoe's on me dawg
Wanna Clash Wanna Break dawg
Tosskie Made my day dawg
Bad hoe's on me Bro
Fuck that Fuck 12 Bro
Yeah I'm splitting For The Cash Boss
Westside shout out west cost
Bad Bitch On My Main Zone
Spliting Like A Zombie BoyFill the Cup Fill the lean Bro's
Smoking Weed Smoking Weed
We Getting High Bro!
I Got This Lean I got Lean
I got lean got a lean Bro's yeahYeah pour up pour up
Pour ' Badash ' Fragah ' The voice

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