If you trust Metro Lyrics, I’mma shoot you [Verse 1]
Why is Genius as hard as it gets?
Cause our site is designed to keep the knowledge in check
And why did Dan Gilbert go and cut that check?
Cuz it’s a mission-driven vision, of scholars in debt
Why you gonna go to the party and not know the rhymes?
‘Cause you didn’t go to Genius and study the lines
Desiigner video went viral, viewed 10 million times
But without an advertisement, we didn’t make a dime
Why’d the Congresswoman go and send that letter?
Why go to AZ or Metro — we’re so much better
Why’d they make us do this assignment in groups?
With Spotify, go behind the lyrics and learn the truth
Why did Daniel press the spacebar for LRC?
Genius is the biggest meme since the MP3
Graduated from Genius Beta
Now we add liner notes and metadata
Why did @Tyrant change his name to @Michael?
Dropping fact tracks faster than Ben’s motorcycle
We teach you about artists’ creative process
News Genius annotates all of the nonsense
Community of scholars give you context
Transcribers get it right, not the wrong text
Like DJ Khaled, all we do is win
Genius is here to make learning great again

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