[Intro: Big Smoke]
OK, Big Smoke, Turn the motherfucking music down [Intro: Ryder]
You can't stop me![Intro: Big Smoke]
Man...[Intro: Ryder]
Ryder nigga![Intro: Big Smoke]
Ice cold, baby!
Pow![Verse 1: Big Smoke]
2 number 9's is 4
Minus dip, that's cheese, quick meal!
Everyday I'm in the block
Smoke big! (OOOHHH)
Eat yo food in a car
That food is steak
When a ting goes [Hit, hit hit]
You were ducking (Quack)
I got cancer
Coughing blood
Oh, when I'm eatin
I like things clean!
They told me that I'm dumb
I never finished school
Can't spit fire?
I'm burning fool!
On the road doing ten dogs
Like my dogs
You man thought I froze
When I see chicken, then I bite
If there's no dip, I'm out!
Hah! Look at your dad!
Wha?! You got touched
Look at your face!
Face looking like a baseball bat!
[Baseball bat hitting someone rapidly]
[Talking: Big Smoke]
You get me?
Try to make people listen[Talking: Ryder]
Say what smoke?!
All you managed to do was fuck my damn studio up[Talking: Big Smoke]
Yeah, it was getting hot[Talking: Ryder]
Busta...[Talking: Big Smoke]
Aight, look
Let's go!
Pow![Verse 2: Big Smoke]
Hop out the four door with a nice whore
It was 1, 2, 3 and 4
Chillin' in the fucking store
CJ is 44
And he still got no brain
Let him know...
When I see him
I'm gonna follow that train
Take that bike by force
Shoot these fools by force
Your bitch know I got the sauce
No ketchup (Nope)
Just dip, extra dip...
Poom, yo, GO!
[Refrain: Big Smoke]
The train goes oooOOOHHH
Dip, dip, dip, dip, dip
Skibi-dip pap pap
And a number niiiiiine large
[Hits Ryder with chicken wings 5 times]
Bus-- Busta... You done now![Chorus: Big Smoke]
Big Smoke, ha, yo, yeh yeh, alright
Fi-- *coughs* Fire in the grove
You get me?
Remember that name, Big Smoke, ha! I told them remember that name!
The girl told me, "What's your name?" I said I don't remember my name![Talking: Ryder]
I'm done!

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