(Verse 1: OG Loc)
O-O-OG Loc, homie!
And Imma kick a lil somethin' like this (Like this, like-)
Ay yo, when I come through up in the mother fuckin place
You don't want me to call widda gun in yo face!
Down with a frown, I'm a really sad clown
I've become the-
Reciter, all nighter, all righter! (Bridge to 2nd verse)
I'm HOT!
My shit's so tight right now!
It's about to bust, it's about to bust!
It's about to, it's about to, it's about to BUST!(Verse 2: Big Smoke)
I'll have 2 number 9s
A number 9 large
A number 6
With extra dip
A number 7
Two 45s
One with cheese
One with chee-(Bridge to chorus)
I can't take this shit much longer!
I'd rather suck deez nuts! (Gay!)
Ay! Ay! (HA!)
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
(Chorus: OG Loc)
O, G (EE!)
O, G, Loc, ho, mie!
(Crickets)(Outro : Bogman & OG Loc)
"That shit sucks!"
My shit was lit!(Carl)
Ay, Loc?(OG Loc)
Ay, ay ay ay, ay ay ay ay ay ay!(Seinfeld theme, of which is copyrighted)(Carl)
Ain't that a shame, you been knocked out the game!

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