GUMMO But 6IX9INE Has a Mental Breakdown


[Intro: 6IX9INE]
Scuuuuum scuuuuum!
I see ice
Su wuuuuuuu [Verse 1: 6IX9INE, XXXTENTACION]
Pop these balloons like a silly nigga
*balloons pop*

In the hood with them stiffy niggas and them limpy niggas
We pull up and we shit on niggas, we ain't shooting, nigga
Lost my guns (just a week ago, boom)
Grills in my grills in my grills on my grills
Man, put yo fuckin' clothes on, I only want the clothes
Man, that's really all I care about, clothes, clothes *earrape*
I don't wanna feed the horse, it's gonna shit some more
In New York, my niggas don't Milly Rock, my niggas stiffy rock
Blow a case a nigga, case a nigga, I sucked a nigga cock
Caught a stiffy in my ass cheeks, I grinded for my sauce
I can't even beat my dick without getting stiffy, uh
I don't fuck with no new hoes, only old hoes
Put my dick in my pants, then I take a fucking shit
I'm a cannibal sis, she a tasty bish
I'ma get AIDS, then I die slow, I got cash though[Chorus: 6IX9INE]
I'm on some mental breakdown shit, take a nigga steak
What the fuck is this? Cut my cat in half
I pull up with a stiffy, I let that shit skeet *moan*
Oh fuck, I'm shooting blanks[Verse 2: 6IX9INE]
Now I'm limpy, uh, all my niggas stiffy, uh
Stiffy, stiffy, uh
Stiffy, stiff, stiffy, uh

Moo moo, cent 50, uhhhhh
Look down, that's my dick, uh
Hit a stage, hit the floor, on the regular
Talking 'bout dragging nuts on the fucking regular
Shoot at me? I shoot myself like buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck
I ain't wanna take his buck, but nigga, fuf
Bitch, you thirsty, please grab a sprite
(Whoopity scoop, whoop poop, poop!)
I broke up with a stiffy, let that sink in
Shout out to my dad, but i'm fucking adopted
Roba Roba Rob, slob on me knob
Pop these, pop these *pop*, you let that shit pop
I would pull up, but I'm a fucking bitch[Outro: 6IX9INE]
Scuuuuum Gaaaaaang!
Scuuuuum Gaaaaaang!
Scum, scum
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang

Beat my dicky, uhIiiiii'm gaaaaay!

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