(Midone sidane nane nane salobe...)
Ah- [Verse 1]
There's no stranger danger (Oh!)
I think I'm going to commit suicide
It was all a dream...

(No no no no)
Sheep (the noise a sheep makes)[Pre-Chorus]
I just wanna go to sleep forever
Don't you fucking understand?[Chorus]
Gotta, gotta, gotta give up
Let go
Gotta kill yourself and, and go die

(Keep it clean!)(music stops)[Post-Chorus]
I'm gay(music continues)
Never gonna game, never gonna game
Gamer merch (Ooh...)
(Bababoi)(Two Ricks dance on a Power Generator and it explodes)Black pussy
(Ah... AAAAAAAAA)[Verse 2]
We've known each other, false alarm (Fantastic)
Gotta take a shit (Ah...)[Pre-Chorus]
Bro you just posted cringe[Chorus]
Gonna make you die
Say goodbye

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