[Intro: PewDiePie]
That's the tea sis (Yeah)
It's my big dick
Incredible stuff
I know I wanna die
But today, I just wanna be gay [Chorus 1: Roomie]
Party, party day
I realized that you're gay
Party, party day
I know you...[Verse 1: PewDiePie]
Guess who started shitposting
Guess who decided to be a shitposter
That's a massive fucking Swedish meatball (Still not defecation)
Now you're a fucking swan, 'cause we have just begun
Why do birds take shits on cars?
Wait, that's illegal, it's right there on notifications
I'm starting my business by selling poop and defecation
I'm certain that you haven't had collusions with my genitals
Certainly you have a habit of colluding meatballs
For legal reasons, that's a joke, for legal reasons, that's a joke
For legal reasons, joke joke joke, please, a joke's a joke
Oops, I'm sorry 'bout the mess, that's a joke
I love my Indian memes, that's a motherfucking joke (Hah)
Take a look at yourself, I'm a heavy fat boy
But today's a slapping day so I'ma slap you (Woo!)[Chorus 2: Roomie, PewDiePie & Boyinaband]
Woo, woo, woo, woo
I just wanna tell you that I think that you're a maze
That's racist (What?)
Such a big ****[Verse 2: PewDiePie, Boyinaband & Both]
A billion letters in the post, hmm, what the fuck?
Shitposting? Seriously?
I had a problem with me holding defecation
So let me... That's not education (Nope)
E-Series can eat my memes, hmm (Yum!)
Kill me please, I'm Swedish, reeee (What did you say?)
I got YouTube in my frickin' veins, that's sis sos
How 'bout next you figure how to fix my hard dick, son (Oh!)
Maybe all these ads will solve my crippling depression
Looks like I'm still depressed
, (I like kids) probably
But nevermind the fat boy, we just here to
beat meat
'Cause we still out here living like we 'bout to say the N-Word[Bridge: PewDiePie]
So this is sis, thanks for dicking me down
Ever since I was a Wahmen, STD
Yay, it's pizza time![Chorus 1: Roomie]
Party, party day
I realized that you're gay
Party, party day
I know you...

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