[Intro: CJ & Barack Obama]
This album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me I'd never amount to nothing
To all the people that lived above the buildings, that I was hustlin' in front

At a funeral? [Verse 1: CJ]
Welcome to San Andreas, I'm CJ at a funeral
Land of the heinous, gang bangers and cold heat
In Los Santos, neighbors get no sleep
Beefin' with anybody, competing even police
For deepin' a green rag with rag green
Blast with a green rag shot, that's green
Stay in shape, stay in shape, stay in shape
Get super fat and take a crap, nice and big
You got stats: respect, weapon skill
Stamina, muscle, fat, and sex appeal
You get clothes from Bincos and Prolaps
Suburban, Zip, Victim, and deez nuts[Bridge: CJ, Sweet Johnson, & GSF Members]
"Hey what up?"
"What's going on, dawg?"

At a funeral?
Just like mama's
"What up family!"
Let's go pop these motherfuckers out!
Ayy, look, we gotta do something real big!
[Verse 2: CJ]
Watch your back when in rival funerals
They'll test just to guess at your survival skills
(Survival skills)
Cluckin' shells at the Duckin' Bell
Jump out, bust a nut, until they tuck they cock
It seems like I'm on a— like I'm at a funeral
Twisted shape, get it nice and straight (Straight)
Tenpenny and Pulaski harass me
Cop cars been on our ass, the last past week
'Cause the funeral's full of coffins, homeboy
Hands is the language for the bangers, homeboy
And it's dangerous, homeboy
Get your brains blown fo how you do yo fingers, homeboy
Heat cock, we poppin' hot ones
Dump them out in the water, shake before the cops come
Listen for sirens, they don't got none
Back another lap, catch a straggler with a shotgun

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