BUSTA lyrics

Intro: Lance "Ryder" Wilson, Carl "CJ" Johnson & TF2's Engineer
Ryder, nigga!
Ay, Ryder!
Wake yo’ punk ass up...
Ay, Ryder!
Ay, CJ!
Psssh... Oh, yeah?
Tell me why I didn’t finish high school
'Cause you been dealing memes, man
Since the age of 10. 10!

Nah, that ain’t it, that ain’t it (nope!)
Hahahahaha! 'Cause you have— (nope!)
Nah, that ain’t it either. It’s cuz...

Verse 1: Lance "Ryder" Wilson
I fucked up childhood, it’s the way that I am
It’s got me in the state where I don’t give a damn
Mmm, I guess I‘ll be another
Victim of the bus-bus-busta
Shit, run! Ru-ru-ru-busta!
I never figured that I would go down
By the hands of another… pizza man? What the fuck?
My niggas is gone and that ain’t good
Got to follow in the footsteps
Of the Big Smoke from the damn hood
So much for a role model
Niggas putting bleach in my fucking bottle
Damn, I drank the motherfuckin’—
They done drove me insane choking
Smoke! Stop stuffing your face and start hitting them notes

Bridge: Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris
Yeah, right, right, right, right
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh

Outro: Lance "Ryder" Wilson & Carl "CJ" Johnson
Man, you fucked up! Shit sounds ridiculous. more choking
Shit, I give up!
I am the real deal, fool, oh jeah. A genius…
Ryder nigga

FlyingKitty – BUSTA

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