I like kids, just nine year olds
But I must go to war with some kids
Justice will be served [Verse 1]
Bombs on lasagna, we serve it with cheese
Shut the fuck up, E-Series, I'm here to sit back down
You wanna fuck with me, but have you seen my guns?
When I’m in the gym, man, I'm completely frickin' jacked
We have just begun, I will slap you
(slap sounds)
Just to slap you, frickin’ end you
(slap sounds)
So come on, B-Series, delete your channel please
Let me serve you bobs with cheese[Chorus 1]
I'm from China, bitch, China
T-Serieees they must have a vagina
This is China, I'm just crying (Hah!)
Look at T-Series, I'm beating them with China
Wahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahaha[Verse 2]
So who the hell's vegana and why you tryna fuck them? (Ewwwwwwww)
I got pinkeye (Ew) but you're a fucking turd (Hah!)
You got a big channel but multiply by zero
I got news, poppy harlow (Pop) Roblox (Oof)
Download all the memes and let's add even some pussy memes
No papa, no papa, no papa, now do it
Omae wa mo shindeiru
[Chorus 2]
Nicotine series, I'ma try some lasagna
Lasagna? That’s Kanye
Look at T-Series, they’re getting beat by China
I'm from China, bitch, China
I ain’t nothing but a Swede from China[Outro]
They gotta pop pop pop pop
Pop pop that is six balloons
But most of my videos are just me looking at memes

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